Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fire Station Open House!!

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sticking out the tongue helps! 

her first time wearing a dress!!!

My dad picked a wonderful weekend to come and visit us!  The weather was perfect and we took advantage of it every single day he was here.  One of the super-fun things we decided to do was to go to the fire department for their fall open house.  The boys had a fantastic time.  They got to ride up on top of a fire truck and even use the fire hose.  A good time was had by all!!

Love them..

Someone loves to dress up like Sheriff Woody.  These photos make me smile.

2 Months!!

Ok it is November 28th and my sweet little one turned 2 months old on the 3rd.  Let's suffice it to say that this has been on my to-do list for a while.  I hope that one day my kids don't look back at the blog, number of photos or anything else in life and think that they got the short end of the stick (talking about the younger ones of course).  While I may not have time to blog every single day right now or even get out the camera, I am busy making memories with my children.  I am playing with them and hopefully offering them gifts that are much more valuable than posting a few photos on the internet.

Two months FLEW.  I blinked my eyes and the entire month of October was gone.  We spent lots of time cuddling with our sweet little girl.  She loves to be held and snuggled.  She is a great sleeper and at two months only wakes up one time per night to eat (usually around 4am) and goes back to sleep.  That said, most nights she cluster feeds from about 7-10pm and doesn't actually go to sleep until 10:30.  She loves her woombie blanket, loves to be with her Momma the most and is the apple of Little Brother's eye.  She is comfortably wearing 0-3 month clothing now and upgraded to size 1 diapers around 6 weeks of age.  She still hates the pacifier and the bottle.   I am determined to find a bottle that she will take though.

At her 2 month check-up, little Miss weighed in at 11lbs 4oz and 23.5in (50th percentile all around).  She has started to coo a bit and loves to give us big, huge grins all the time!

She is such a great joy in our lives!

all of my kids have the best lashes 
I spy a little baby chub starting!!

and that's a wrap!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just because...

really, really bummed that I had my aperture set so low on this photo and that
baby sister is not in focus.  I still love it though!!

I don't think I ever shared any pictures of baby sister's newborn photos.  I think I took about 9 million pictures of her in the first 2 weeks.  Going through the pictures is another thing that has been on my to do list for ummm...10 weeks.  Right now it is just another thing that is not getting done.  I will have time for them someday.  She may be 10 years old by the time I get around to them though.  If only I could magically make a few more hours appear into every day...

Happy Halloween!


our little lady bug

not so happy little monster

her face cracks me up!

Lightning Mcqueen, lady bug and a slightly more cooperative monster

ready to go..

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a little bribery works wonders for a little monster

Ok so --- little brother was NOT happy about putting his costume on.  He picked it out at the store.  He ran around practicing his monster sounds for a month or so...then the big night he was just not having it.  After a bit of bribery in the form of Smarties, he perked up.  The boys LOVED trick or treating this year.  They were only excited about their candy for about 20 minutes when we got home.  Since then they haven't even mentioned it.  They thought it was so fun to go to all the houses and Big Bro keeps asking if it is Halloween again.


proof that he is a thinker and will move stools, chairs, etc
 around to get what he thinks he needs

proof that he isn't always willing to smile for me...

proof that not every day is smiley around here.  and that a broken banana can be THAT big of a deal

Catching Up

Ok I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks.  Life is feeling a little overwhelming to me lately.  I keep adding about 10 things to my to-do list every single day and only accomplishing one thing on the list (on a good day).  I still have a few thank you cards to send out for things that people gave us for baby girl.  I feel terrible that I can't seem to find the time to get the little things done.  Somehow today, blogging felt like the right thing to do.  Not sure if it makes sense to others but it did to me.  :)  

One of the things that the boys have really enjoyed lately is painting.  We have done apple stamping (huge hit), finger painting, painting with q-tips and all sorts of hand and foot print art projects.

this day he only wanted brown paint

funny story about this next photo.  Little brother discovered he could paint other people.  At first we laughed.  Big brother DOES NOT like getting paint on his body.  When he got paint on his hand he tried to wipe it off by wiping his face.  Not sure how that makes sense, but to a 3 year-old I guess it seemed like the thing to do.  So big bro wipes paint clear across his face.  Then, at the exact moment my shutter clicked, little brother pegged big bro with the paint brush.  It was funny.  We somehow avoided a meltdown and all got cleaned up.

this bubble art was a flop. 

a big flop.  and the kids thought I was drinking juice but it was really soapy paint.  not a good idea.