Tuesday, January 24, 2012


this little girl adores her brothers.   
this little boy is so big and so cute

one of his favorite things to say is
"you're my great mama, mommy" <3

I thought little Miss was going to grow as fast as her big brothers and that she would be in 3 month clothes at 2 weeks.  Well, that didn't happen so I had a few summery/warm outfits that were never going to get used.  We needed a photo session before she outgrew them.

forget the smiles.  This little girl gets SO serious when the camera is out! 

Fun in the leaves

 These pictures make me smile.  It was Christmas afternoon and my kids were still in half of their pajamas even though we had been up for at least 8 hours and it wasn't our first stop of the day.  They woke up early, as usual and we had Christmas with my Dad.  We decided to leave them in their pajamas when we drove to Nana & Papa's house because we thought they would be comfy and might possibly nap (didn't happen).  Once we got to Nana and Papa's house, they wanted to play so we just never got around to changing them or putting into their fancy Christmas outfits.  They had SO much fun playing in the leaves.

the only picture I have of anyone in their Christmas outfits.  Maybe I need to stage a photo shoot...hahaha! 

Best Christmas Yet

This year we decided to head to Texas to visit our family for Christmas.  It was the first time in 9 years that we have been home for Christmas.  Being able to spend Christmas with our family was one of the best gifts we could have ever given to our kids and to ourselves.  We had such a great time and really did not want to leave.

Uncle B and Molly stayed at Grandpa Jerry's with us and got to have fun with all of the loot that Santa brought. 

Christmas Eve @ Nana & Papa's

Monkey loved Christmas too.  Monkey still goes EVERYWHERE with us! :) 

Owen wanted Uncle A to help him open up all his gifts.  

the babies!!!

Uncle A got a candy machine for his shop.  It was a HIT!!!  The boys were his first candy customers.  :) 

he was so excited about the remote control car

His gift from Nana & Papa -- the Leap Pad.  He still says it his his best present ever.  

Bass Pro Fun

While we were in Texas for Christmas we made a stop at Bass Pro Shops.  They have some really fun things for kids to do during the holiday season and it is free (yay!).  The boys had a great time and got to do some things that they had never done before ... fire a toy gun and shoot a bow & arrow!

what's in there?

and she's had enough fun at outdoor world...

he thought this was the coolest thing ever.  10K for a 4 wheeler!!!!

the boys loved the race track

Little Helpers

I am fairly certain I will have to save these images for the day that they refuse to help.  I will forever have proof that they did, at one time, enjoy doing the dishes.

Sleeping Beauty

Add caption

whoops!  I think I woke up the sleeping princess! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

One Saturday morning in December we made our gingerbread house.  The boys were a bit more focused on stuffing their faces with random goodies than they were actually constructing/decorating the house, but that's kind of what it is all about.  The boys really enjoyed it and so did we.  I found big brother trying to scale the book case to get to the gingerbread house a time or two.  He said he wanted a treat.

I love love love those fat little fingers! 

happy as can be observing! 

finished product