Friday, August 30, 2013

So it's been a while...

and that's an understatement.  Here is a picture heavy update from the past month or so...

sister loves her twirly dress.  loves it. 

 he loves taking pictures of himself and has put a camera on the top of his Christmas wish list

this was the best picture I got of all 3 kids on the 4th of July.

 I love taking pictures of sleeping babies

We went to Busch Gardens with friends.  She was all about giving high fives when she got off of rides. 

 all of our kiddos

dinner with 7 kids

she chose herself as the canvas

we spent a lot of time at the pool

and a lot of money at the grocery store (the boys have been HUNGRY)

princess slippers are the cutest slippers

went to the farm for our annual summer trip

she loves shopping and carrying the bag, just don't try to buckle her in the stroller...she doesn't like that

she also will only ride in a shopping cart like this.  

loves Hello Kitty

or anything with a kitty

found some great new playgrounds

went to Chuck E Cheese and all he did was make these cards...

she showed just how much determination she has, fell off the beam at least 10 times and would climb right back up to go again.  She would not take any help. 

new chucks

did a few photo shoots while the boys had summer camp

took the kids to the fair alone which meant I got to take them to the bathroom in one of these...alone. 

not sure that she was really liking the rides that much by her face, but she kept going on them! 

someone was so tired that he didn't really make it too far when I asked him to walk inside

started a Friday donut tradition

one year ago comparison. 

movies under the stars in our family room

she is a monkey

throwing coins into fountains

waiting for the babysitter...he loves her

earned a trip to the movie with Dad

while he slept because he was having a tough day

took the boys to watch airplanes up close.  Owen took this pic

then we went to DC

the Washington Monument looks so cool right now.  They are doing some construction on it. 

Our family according to Owen

spent a lot of time doing this -- it's tough to be 3

had our first shoplifting experience  --- big lessons learned here

another day, another farm

more playgrounds

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